Cruise Summary Report Inventory (CSR)

Cruise Summary Reports (CSR = former ROSCOPs) are the usual means for reporting on cruises or field experiments at sea. Traditionally, it is the Chief Scientist's obligation to submit a CSR to his/her National Oceanographic Data Centre (NODC) not later than two weeks after the cruise. This provides a first level inventory of measurements and samples collected at sea.



Search CSR

The query interface enables to search by a set of criteria. The selected cruise summar reports are listed. Clicking on the display icon retrieves the full cruise summary report. Geographical locations are indicated by Marsden Squares; in a number of cases also a detailed trackchart is provided.

This website gives access to the following :

  • Planned research cruises: cruise programmes that can be searched by various criteria and by geographical map.
  • Cruise Summary Reports (CSRs): a special version of the CSR directory, focusing on all ocean-going vessels longer than 60 m on a global scale.

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