Title Marine Heat Wave (MHW) Advisory
Description Spatial distribution of daily Marine Heat Wave Advisory with severity categories.

Marine Heat Wave (MHW) is a discrete prolonged anomalously warm water event to understand the persistence of heat content in the marine environment. The requirements for a warm water event to be described as an MHW are a duration of five or more days, temperatures greater than the 90th percentile of minimum 30-year local measurements and should not more than 2 days of cooling occurrence in a specific region.
Horizontal resolution 0.25°×0.25°
Variables (units) Intensity of MHW, Severity Categories, MHW Area (%)
Domain Spatial Extent: 129.45° E - 154.75° W, 25.70° S - 18.00° N

Pacific Island countries: (i) Cook Islands; (ii) Fiji; (iii) Kiribati; (iv) Republic of Marshall Islands; (v) Federated States of Micronesia; (vi) Nauru; (vii) Niue; (viii) Palau; (ix) Papua New Guinea; (x) Samoa; (xi) Solomon Islands; (xii) Tonga; (xiii) Tuvalu; and (xiv) Vanuatu
Data provider INCOIS (Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services)
Keywords Heat wave, Severity