ESSO - Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

(An Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India)


Programme Planning & Coordination and Capacity Development (PPC) Division
Dr. TV S Udaya Bhaskar, Scientist-F, in addition to his normal responsibilities, is designated as the Head (Additional Charge), Programme Planning & Coordination, and Capacity Development Division with oversight of the following key responsibilities and personnel:

Key Responsibilities :
Program Planning & Coordination:
  • Management of Programme and Budget including EFC, GC, FC, RAC preparations and liaison with MoES
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting of INCOIS projects and activities including preparation of annual reports and other reports to MoES
  • Communication & Outreach activities to various stakeholders including social media campaigns, technical reports, films, press, etc
  • Establishment of Regional Centres
  • Implementation of Quality Management System for INCOIS Services
  • International Affairs including IOGOOS, IIOE-2 JPO, SIBER IPO, POGO, ARGO, IOTWMS, IORP, UN Decade, lRF, IOCINDIO, RIMES, lODE, GODAE, NOAA- MoES, etc.

Capacity Development:
  • National & International Training Programmes under ITCO-Ocean framework
  • Competency Development of INCOIS staff
  • Academic Programmes (ph.D. Students, Academic Projects, Research Fellows)
  • Knowledge Resource Centre
Scientific Personnel :
Project Scientist C
Project Scientist-B
Project Scientist-B
Scientific Assistant-B
Project Scientist-B
Lab Attendant
Project Scientist-B
Lab Attendant