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WOSC Vividh Aayam Meeting on 30th May 2024   30-05-2024View
People-Centred Early Warning for the Indian Coastlines (PCTWIN) Meeting, 28-30 May 2024   28-05-2024 to 30-05-2024View
MoU between INCOIS and Reliance Foundation   27-05-2024View
INCOIS-RIMES Training Course on Customization of Ocean State Forecast Products during May 20-24, 2024   20-05-2024 to 24-05-2024View
Visit of ISRO-YUVIKA students to INCOIS on 22nd May 2024   22-05-2024View
General body meeting (GB) at INCOIS on 16th May 2024   16-05-2024View
Fire safety awareness training demo at INCOIS on 6th May, 2024   06-05-2024View
Govt of India on cleanliness drive (under swatchha bharat programme) Format of the Target 29th April 2024   29-04-2024View
Talks by Dr. S. Gopalakrishnan and Dr. Alaka Ghassan 18 April 2024 at INCOIS  18-04-2024View
MM3-IOLA working group meeting at INCOIS  16-04-2024View
Visit of Met officers from Air Force Academy, Dundigal, Hyderabad visit to INCOIS  12-04-2024View
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing & GIS and Oceanographic Applications" during 08 - 12 April, 2024  12-04-2024View
BV Raju Institute of Technology (BVRIT), Hyderabad, visit to INCOIS on 4th April 2024   04-04-2024View
Cleanliness drive at INCOIS on 2nd April 2024   02-04-2024View
Visit of Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology (SNIST), Hyderabad to INCOIS on 26 March 2024 26-03-2024View
Visit of TRR College of Technology, Hyderabad Students 22-03-2024View
"Satellites helping track climate changes" Lecture by Dr. Ramakrishna Nemani, NASA Earth Scientist (Retd) 20-03-2024View
Hindi workshop on the subject of Official Language 19-03-2024 View
lecture on "Resilient Oceans: role of mankind" by Dr. M. Sudhakar, Former Director CMLRE and Visiting Professor, Said University 11-03-2024 View
International Women's Day 08-03-2024 View
Visit of Dr. S.C. Gulhane Prerna College of Commerce, Science & Arts, Nagpur & Avinash College of Commerce, Hyderabad 04-03-2024 View
Visit of Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science (KITS), Warangal 01-03-2024 View
Visit of Mr. Akhil Bery, US Consulate General Hyderabad 29th February 2024 29-02-2024 View
cleanliness drive at INCOIS 28-02-2024 View
Visit of St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering & Technology , Nagpur   26-02-2024 View
Visit of students from Government Polytechnic College, Hyderabad   23-02-2024 View
"Progress in Weather and Climate Prediction: Advanced Earth System Modeling and Emerging trends in Data Driven Models" Lecture by Dr. Vijay Tallapragada, Senior Scientist (ST) NCEP Environmental Modeling Center NOAA National Weather Service, USA   21-02-2024 view
INCOIS Silver Jubilee Celebrations (Foundation day) 03-02-2024 View
Indian Ocean Regional decade Conference 2024 01-03 February 2024 view
Oceanographers Conference on “Ocean Observation, Modeling" 31 January 2024 View
"OceanPrediction DCC: connecting the world around ocean forecasting" Talk by Dr. Enrique Alvarez (Head, OceanPredict DCC, at Mercator Ocean International) 31 January 2024 View
Vsit of Trainee officers from NIRD&PR 30 January 2024 View
POGO – ITCOocean Training Program on "Ocean Observations for Coastal Applications" 29 January-07 February 2024 E-Class Room
Vishakapatnam Field Trip
Certificates Presentation
75th  Republic day celebrations 2024 at INCOIS 26th January, 2024 View
competitions conducted as a part of INCOIS Silver Jubilee Celebrations 24-26 January, 2024 Drawing & Painting
Science Exhibition
prize presentation
Short-term course spanning 4-6 months for Official from SNOM, Indian Navy 9 Oct 2023- 23 Jan 2024 Valedictory
ITEC-ITCOocean Training Program on Fishery Oceanography for the Ocean Decade (F.O.O.D.) Jan 18 - Feb 07 2024 E-Class Room
Vishakapatnam Field Trip
Certificates Presentation
Trainee officers from NIRD&PR visit to INCOIS 24th January, 2024 View
Lecture by Dr. Eric A. D'Asaro on 18th January 2024 18th January, 2024 View
EKAMSAT Science Discussion Meeting to optimise summer 2024 cruise 16th January, 2024 View
Visit of Mangalore University, Karnataka 16th January 2024 16th January, 2024 View
Visit of St .Francis college for Women, Hyderabad 12th January, 2024 View
Visit of Unicent School, Bachupally, Hyderabad 5th January 2024. 5th January, 2024 View
Visit of Shri Suman Bery Hon'ble Vice Chairperson, NITI Aayog. 2nd January, 2024 View
Address by Director,INCOIS on the occasion of New Year 2024 1st January, 2024 View
Visit of Trainee officers from MANAGE, Hyderabad on 29th December 2023 29th December, 2023 View
New Era School, Gajularamaram, Hyderabad visit to INCOIS 29th December, 2023 View
lecture on “Official Language Policy and Implementation” by Shri Ravi Ranjan, Assistant Manager. 27th December, 2023 View
Visit of a team of 30 members of the Women Development Councils (WDC) from the Republic of Maldives 26 December 2023 26th December, 2023 View
Campus Visit of school,college students and general public on 26 Dec 2023 (Open Day). 26th December, 2023 View
Visit of Trainee officers from College of Defence Management(CDM), Hyderabad. 23rd December, 2023 View
MoES Inter-institutional sports tournament held at INCOIS\Volleyball court inauguration at INCOIS. 22nd December, 2023 View
Visit of Trainee officers from NIRD & PR, Hyderabad. 22nd December, 2023 View
Visit of Insight International School, Hyderabad. 22nd December, 2023 View
Training Course on Early Warning Systems of Tsunami & Ocean Related Hazards December11-21, 2023 21st December, 2023 View
Visit of Met officers from Air Force Academy, Dundigal, Hyderabad to INCOIS 21st December, 2023 View
Visit of officials from the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) National Disaster Warning Centre Thailand (NDWC) to INCOIS 21st December, 2023 View
Visit of Trainee officers from Extension Education Institute (EEI), Hyderabad   15th December, 2023 View
Pragathi Central School, Pragathinagar, Hyderabad visit to INCOIS   15th December, 2023 View
MoES Inter Institutional Sports tournament Held at INCOIS   11-23 December, 2023 11-12-2023
Marathon running at INCOIS on 8th Dec 2023   8th December, 2023 View
Pragathi Central School, Pragathinagar, Hyderabad visit to INCOIS   8th December, 2023 View
Visit of Trainees from Centre for ICT in Agriculture Extension Management (MANAGE) Hyderabad 6 December ,2023   6th December, 2023 View
OTGA-INCOIS Training Course Ocean Color Remote Sensing - Data, Processing and Analysis-December 4-8, 2023   4th December, 2023 View
Meru international school & Oakridge international school visit to INCOIS   1st December, 2023 View
Second International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE-2) brainstorming meeting 28-30 November 2023   28th November, 2023 View
Lecture by Ms Bindu Menon on 'Art of living'   20th November, 2023 View
OTGA-INCOIS Training Course on "Coastal Vulnerability Mapping and analysis using QGIS" during November 20-24, 2023   November 20-24, 2023 View
Visit of Department of Climate Change students from - IIT Hyderabad   17-11-2023 View
Visit of trainees from Extension Education Institute   17-11-2023 View
Visit of Computer Science and Engineering students from Geethanjali College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad   17-11-2023 View
Visit of trainees from the National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD&PR), Hyderabad   15-11-2023 View
Pondicherry University's Students Visit to INCOIS   10-11-2023 View
Godrej crane pooja   10-11-2023 View
AI for Digital Transformation and Data Driven Decision Making, 06-09 November 2023   06-11-2023 View
World Tsunami Awareness Day 5th Nov, 2023   05-11-2023 View
World Tsunami Awareness Day 5th Nov, 2023   05-11-2023 View
Visit_Trainees from CNRM, CC&DM - NIRD & PR   03-11-2023 View
Visit_Dr. K.K. R GOWTHAM SCHOOL   03-11-2023 View
National UNITY Day 31st Oct 2023   31-10-2023 View
Cleanliness drive at INCOIS   30-10-2023 View
VNRVJIET, Hyderabad visit   20-10-2023 View
NRSC CSSTEAP is organising a Remote Sensing Data Processing Course for participants from Asia-Pacific Region   17-10-2023 View
Cleanliness drive at INCOIS 17th Oct 2023   17-10-2023 View
Marathon running at INCOIS on 14th Oct 2023   14-10-2023 View
Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology Hyd And M S Bidve Engineering College, Latur 13th Oct 2023   13-10-2023 View
IOWAVE_Tsunami Mock Drill at INCOIS   11-10-2023 View
MoU with Kineis on 10th October 2023   10-10-2023 View
G. Pulla Reddy degree and PG college and Nawab Shah Alam Khan College of Engineering & Technology visit to INCOIS   06-10-2023 View
St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur visit to INCOIS   05-10-2023 View
User Interaction Workshop for Fishermen and Fishery Officials of Andhra Pradesh-Swachh Sagar Surakshit Sagar Campaign   04-10-2023 View
IOWAVE_Tsunami Mock Drill at INCOIS   04-10-2023 View
Swachh Bharat 2023   01-10-2023 View
Hindi Pakhwada Celabration on 29th September, 2023   29-09-2023 View
Gitanjali Vedika school and Vivekananda high school visit to INCOIS   29-09-2023 View
Hindi pakhwada 2023\Kids on 24th Sep 2023   24-09-2023 View
Student visits on 22nd Sep 2023   22-09-2023 View
Hindi pakhwada essay writing on 22nd September 2023   22-09-2023 View
Lecture by Shri K.R. Sharma, Former Senior Controller of Administration_topic of Preventive Vigilance   21-09-2023 View
Swatch Sagar & Surakshith Sagar - 2023 at NELLORE   16-17th September, 2023 ALAGYAPALEM
Swatch Sagar & Surakshith Sagar - 2023 at BAPATLA and ONGOLU   16-17th September, 2023 DINDI BEACH
Swatch Sagar & Surakshith Sagar - 2023 at WEST GODAVARI and KRISHNA and TIRUPATHI   16-17th September, 2023 PERUPALEM BEACH
Swatch Sagar & Surakshith Sagar - 2023 at KAKINADA and KONASEEMA   16-17th September, 2023 DANAVAIPETA
Swatch Sagar & Surakshith Sagar - 2023 at VISAKHAPATNAM and ANAKAPALLI   16-17th September, 2023 RK BEACH
Swatch Sagar & Surakshith Sagar - 2023 at SRIKAKULAM and VIJAYANAGARAM   16-17th September, 2023 DONKURU
VIT Bhopal University, visit to INCOIS  15-09-2023View
IOWAVE-2023   13-09-2023 View
Machine Learning based Species Distribution Modelling  11-22 September, 2023 View
Marathon running at INCOIS   09-09-2023 View
VIT Bhopal University visit to INCOIS   08-09-2023 View
Talk by Dr. Elizabeth Holmes'_ Popular Science   07-09-2023 View
Sea Glider instrumentation testing data processing and analysis   06-09-2023 View
Academic Heights Public School, Nizampet visit to INCOIS  01-09-2023View
Gitanjali International School, Bowrampet visit to INCOIS  01-09-2023View
Visit of CSSTEAP members to INCOIS on 30 Aug, 2023  30-08-2023View
Tree plantation at INCOIS on 30th August 2023  30-08-2023View
Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women, Hyderabad visit to INCOIS on 28 Aug, 2023  28-08-2023View
Inauguration of GYM 18th August 2023 18-08-2023View
MoES Review Meeting at INCOIS 17-08-2023View
Independence Day - 2023  15-08-2023 View
Environment Protection Training and Research Institute (EPTRI), Hyderabad visit to INCOIS on 03 Aug, 2023  03-08-2023View
Operational Services Training to National Institute of Hydrography Officers (NIH - Advance Hydrography Course) on 25 July, 2023  25-07-2023View
Orientation program on iGOT by Mission Karma Yogi at INCOIS on 24th July 2023  24-07-2023View
Visualization of Marine Met data (using FERRET) during 24 - 28 July, 2023  24-07-2023View
VNRVJIRT & MLR COLLEGES visit to INCOIS on 14TH JULY 2023  14-07-2023View
Operational Oceanography Marine Meteorology & Operational Ocean Forecasting Warning and Advisory Services for offshore E&P industries_ 11 - 12 July at INCOIS  11-07-2023View
Pragathi central school, pragathi nagar visit to INCOIS on 4th July 2023  04-07-2023View
Pragathi central school, pragathi nagar visit to INCOIS on 3rd July 2023  03-07-2023View
Hindi workshop at INCOIS on 30th June, 2023  30-06-2023View
CGR international school students visit to INCOIS on 30 June 2023  30-06-2023View
Visit of Geetanjali School students to INCOIS on 28th June, 2023  28-06-2023View
International Day of Yoga at INCOIS on 21st june, 2023  21-06-2023View
Visit of Martin's Engineering College Hyd & Vardhman College of Engineering, Shamshabad to INCOIS on 21st june, 2023  21-06-2023View
Visit of Mangaluru University students to INCOIS on 12 june, 2023  12-06-2023View
Open day at INCOIS on the World ocean day 8th June, 2023  08-06-2023View
Health camp at INCOIS by SriSriHolistic hospitals on 30th May 2023  30-05-2023View
Talk by Dr. Nick D'Adamo at INCOIS on 16th May 2023  16-05-2023View
Visit of Trainees officers from Air Force Academy, Hyderabad to INCOIS on 12th May 2023  12-05-2023View
Visit of Dr. Cherdsak Virapat, Director General of CIRDAP,Dhaka,Bangladesh to INCOIS on 10th May 2023  10-05-2023View
Official visit of Shri Jatindra Nath Swain, IAS, Secretary, Department of Fisheries Govt. of India to INCOIS on 06th May 2023  06-05-2023View
KUFOS students visited INCOIS on 3rd May 2023  03-05-2023View
Visit of Hydromet and Early Warning Joint Learning Exercise II team on 3rd May 2023  03-05-2023View
Training course on Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and GIS and Oceanographic Applications at INCOIS during April 10-14,2023  14-04-2023View
Students from VNRVJIET, Hyderabad and Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science (KITSW), Warangal visited INCOIS on 31st March 2023 31-03-2023View
Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science(KITS), Warangal Visited INCOIS on 24th March 2023 24-03-2023View
Silver Oaks International School, Hyderabad Visited INCOIS on 24th March 2023 24-03-2023View
Workshop on Official Language Hindi At INCOIS on 23rd March 2023 23-03-2023View
Fire Mock Drill At INCOIS on 23rd March 2023 23-03-2023View
MBA students from AIMS, Nagpur Visited INCOIS and interacted with our scientists on 17th March 2023 17-03-2023View
International Trainees/Officers attending the Geo-Informatics course at NIRDPR, India visited INCOIS labs and interacted with our scientists on 16th MARCH 2023 16-03-2023View
Training Course on Ocean Observation System, operational Services and Ocean Data Utilization March 09 - 10, 2023 10-03-2023View
OON GROUP MEETING on 10th MARCH 2022 10-03-2023View
Talk on “Monsoon Breaks” by Dr. VB Rao on 10th March 2022 10-03-2023View
Kits,Warangal Students Visited INCOIS on 9th March 2023 09-03-2023View
MEA Official Visited INCOIS on 09th March 2023 09-03-2023View
International Women's Day celebrations at INCOIS on 08th March 2023 08-03-2023View
Rangoli Competition for Women Staff and Digital Financial literacy programme at INCOIS on 07th March 2023  07-03-2023View
Scientific lecture “Celebrating Womanhood- Embracing Challenges for a Progressive Future" by Dr. Radhadevi (Director, ADRIN) 06-03-2023View
INCOIS Women staff were trained in basic self-defence techniques by N. Lakshmi Samrajyam, Rudramadevi Self Defence Academy 03-03-2023View
University of Hyderabad,VNR-VJIET,GRIET students Interacted with INCOIS Scientists 02-03-2023View
INCOIS got Talent as part of International Womens Day celebrations 01-03-2023View
Marathwada Mitra Mandal College of Engineering, Pune visited INCOIS 01-03-2023View
Training Programme on "Ocean Observation System and Models towards OSF, Coastal Dynamics and PFZ" at NIO- RC, Visakhapatnam during February 20-24,2023 24-02-2023View
Officials from Met Office, UK visited INCOIS22-02-2023View
Short course on Data Science and AI at INCOIS 16-23 February, 202316-02-2023
ISA Delegation Workshop at INCOIS on 7th February 202307-02-2023View
24th Foundation day celebrations-202303-02-2023View
Republic day celebrations at INCOIS on 26th January 202326-01-2023View
Valedictory Function of Indian Navy Officers at INCOIS on 25th January 202325-01-2023View
Visit of Rear Admiral TVN Prasanna, VSM, Joint Secretary (Maritime Security) at the National Security Council Secretariat, New Delhi to INCOIS on 13th January 202313-01-2023View
Talk on Indian Knowledge System by Dr. Vasant Shinde on 29th Dec 2022 29-12-2022View
Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad students visited INCOIS on 28th December, 2022  28-12-2022View
Shri CH Subba Rao, Hindi Officer, NGRI delivered lecture as a part of quarterly Hindi workshop on 23rd December, 2022  23-12-2022View
MVSR College of Engineering, Hyderabad visited INCOIS on 23rd December, 2022  23-12-2022View
OTGA-INCOIS Training Course Ocean Color Remote Sensing - Data, Processing and Analysis on December 12 - 16,2022 12-16 December, 2022 12-12-2022
Visit of Glendale International Cambridge, Gopanpally, Hyderabad students on 15th December 2022 15-12-2022View
How will we measure the Ocean-by Dr Eric on 12 December, 2022 12-12-2022View
Visit of 22 foreign traineesofficers attending course on Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing at Geological Survey of India Training Institute (GSITI), Hyderabad on 12 December, 2022 12-12-2022View
Visit of Vardhman College of Engineering students, Hyderabad on 9th Dec 2022 09-12-2022View
Visit of Meru International School, Hyderabad students on 9th Dec 2022  09-12-2022View
Jiva Gurukulam School & NASR Boys School, Hyderabad visited INCOIS on 2nd December, 2022  02-12-2022View
Officers undergoing training courses on “Disaster Management and Mitigation Strategies” at EEI, Hyderabad visited INCOIS on 30th November, 2022 30-11-2022View
Dr.Nagur C., Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO, Australia delivered a talk at INCOIS on 21st November,2022  21-11-2022View
VNR VJIET students visited INCOIS on 18th November 2022 18-11-2022View
VNR-VJIET and Govt. Polytechnic college, Hyderabad students visited INCOIS on 15th November, 2022 15-11-2022View
MoES Joint secretary D Senthil Pandiyan visited INCOIS on 10 November, 2022 10-11-2022View
Understanding the synergies between oceanography and geodesy on 9th November 2022 09-11-2022View
POGO - ITCOocean Training Program on Ocean Observations to Societal Applications 31 Oct-5th Nov 2022 05-11-2022View
World Tsunami Awareness Day 5th November 2022 05-11-2022View
Management session taken by Dr. Shivakant Tirthnath Upadhyaya 03rd Nov, 2022 03-11-2022View
National Tsunami Standard Operating Procedure Workshop 31 Oct -3rd Nov 2022 03-11-2022View
Surya global school visited INCOIS, 28th October 2022 28-10-2022View
T.I.M.E School and VNR VJIT visited INCOIS, 21st October 2022 21-10-2022View
Lifestyle for Environment Mission launches by PM Narendra Modi 20th October, 2022 20-10-2022View
Hindi pakhwada celebration 14th Oct, 2022 14-10-2022View
JAIME, VITS and VINSCENT visited on 12th October 2022 12-10-2022View
Seminar by Ms Kalpana Ramesh on 12th October 2022 12-10-2022View
ITCOO Four months training course for Indian navy officers 10-10-2022View
National Tsunami Evacuation Planning Workshop 13th September,2022 13-09-2022View
National Maritime Security Coordinator VAdm G Ashok Kumar, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd), NMSC visited INCOIS along with his team members and had discussions with INCOIS Colleagues on 08 September, 2022. 08-09-2022View
On the occasion of Superannuation of Shri. B. V. Satyanarayana Scientist-G & Group Director ICTD and Head ESS (Additional Charge), Director, INCOIS felicitated him on 30th August, 2022 30-08-2022View
INCOIS under Swach Sagar Surakh Sagar started beach cleanup campaign at Bheemili, Visakhapatnam in collaboration with Andhra University  26-08-2022View
76th Independence Day Celebrations at INCOIS.  >15-08-2022View
Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign of GoI - A walk around to INCOIS campus.  12-08-2022View
Hosting meeting with scientist from MoES, ISRO and institutes from USA as a part of EKAMSAT programme  11-08-2022View
i-Connect Event: “Ocean Observations, Information and Advisory Services".  03-08-2022View
A group of MSc./ IMSc. students from Centre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS), University of Hyderabad visited INCOIS.  21-04-2022View
INCOIS is Commemorating its 24th foundation day on 03 February, 2022.  03-02-2022View
73rd Republic day celebrations at INCOIS on 26, January, 2022 26-01-2022View
CII Industrial Innovation Award-2021 17-12-2021View
Prizes were distributed to the winners of e-competition organized by INCOIS, Hyderabad as part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Iconic Week October 18-24, 202112-11-2021View
INCOIS Celebrating Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav during 18-24 October ,2021

Day-3 (20-10-2021)    Day-4 (21-10-2021)    Day-5 (22-10-2021)
18-24 october, 2021--
INCOIS and Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH) signed an MoU for joint collaborations between the institutes and for providing customized weather & ocean state forecasting and emergency services11-10-2021View
75th Independence Day Celebrations at MoES INCOIS Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Director INCOIS addressed the staff highlighting scientific progress, future plans and importance of AtmanirbharBharath15-08-2021View
FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN 2.0 launched today at MoES INCOIS as part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav and 75th Independence Day Celebrations. 15-08-2021View
World Ocean Day Celebrations at INCOIS - 202108-06-2021View
International Women's Day Celebrations -202108-03-2021View
Virtual Events for the 23rd Foundation Day of INCOIS 03-02-2021View
Early Career Researchers' Symposium 02-02-2021View
72nd Republic celebrations at INCOIS26-01-2021View
Inauguration of 214.50kWp Solar Plant installed at Atal Bhavan, ITCOocean Building at INCOIS24-12-2020View
Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam VIGYAN YATRA of India International Science Festival -2020 at INCOIS13-12-2020View
71st India Constitution Day at INCOIS26-11-2020View
Dr. T. Srinivasa Kumar, Director, INCOIS chaired the VAIBHAV Summit Session on "Multi Hazard Vulnerability and Mitigation in the coastal areas towards Impact based Multi Hazard Warning System" under the theme "Ocean Science and Technology" held on 20.10.2020. Scientists from INCOIS and other national and international experts were participated in the deliberations.22-10-2020View
Indian Ocean Tsunami Exercise IOWave20 of IOC-UNESCO13-10-2020View
Fit India Freedom Run Programme30-09-2020
Hindi Pakhwara Celebration - 2020

Hindi Poem Competition
Dr. T. Srinivasa Kumar taking charge as Director, INCOIS28-08-2020View
Director (I/C), INCOIS has facilitated to the INCOIS staff engaged in operation services and activities for their continued support during the Covid-19 pandemic time15-08-2020View
74th Independence Day Celebrations at INCOIS15-08-2020View
Virtual Event on UNESCO-IOC Tsunami Ready Recognition to Odisha Communities 07-08-2020View
International women's day celebrations -202006-03-2020View
Viswa Hindi Diwas -202028-01-2020View
Republic Day Celebrations - 202026-01-2020View
National Voter's Day Pledge - 202024-01-2020View
Hindi workshop23-12-2019View
World Tsunami Awareness Day - 201905-11-2019View
Visit of maldives Delegates04-11-2019View
Pledge on National Unity Day - 201931-10-2019View
Pledge on Vigilance Awareness Week - 201930-10-2019View
INCOIS Seminar by Ms. L. Jyothi, SRF, INCOIS29-10-2019View
'Curtain Raiser of the India International Science Festival - 2019' a public lecture is being organised. Dr. V. M. Tiwari, Director, CSIR - National Geophysical Research Institute"24-10-2019View
Swachhata Hi Seva Campaign on 02nd October,2019 02-10-2019View
MOU Between INCOIS and Directorate of fisheries U.T of lakshadweep 30-09-2019View
Independence Day Celebration - 201915-08-2019View
Hindi Pakwada celebration -2019

Kids Participation in Hindi Pakwada

SoVeAt was commissioned by Director General, Naval Operations Vice Admiral MA Hampiholi02-08-2019View
Visit of Ms. Rajni Sekhri Sibal - Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries01-08-2019View
MoES Foundation Day - 201927-07-2019View
Swachh Bharat Pakhwara - 2019

01-07-2019      02-07-2019     03-07-2019      04-07-2019      05-07-2019     

08-07-2019      10-07-2019      11-07-2019      15-07-2019     
01-07-2019 to 15-07-2019---
Workshop on Official Language - "Official Language Policy - Noting and Drafting"26-06-2019View
International Yoga Day - 201921-06-2019View
World environment Day05-06-2019View
Pledge On Anti Terrorism Day21-05-2019View
Lecture On Maths and Physics in Indian Classical Music by Dr. M.R.K Prabhakar Rao 26-03-2019View
MoES-NOAA-ONR Arabian Sea Scoping Workshop Status and Future Direction for Arabian Sea Science for Enhanced Predictability25-02-2019View
20th Foundation Day of INCOIS,Visit of Dr.Radhakrishnan,Former chairman ISRO & Former Director INCOIS04-02-2019View
Training Program on Fire Safety and Security29-01-2019View
Workshop on Official Language : How to work in Hindi on computer18-12-2018View
World Tsunami Awarness Day05-11-2018View
Rashtriya Ekta Diwas pledge31-10-2018View
Vigilance Awareness Week - Pledge to Eradicate Corruption29-10-2018View
Visit of Vice Admiral Murlidhar Sadashiv Pawar, Chief of Staff, Eastern Naval Command, Indian Navy 25-10-2018View
Visit of Officers from Indian Airforce10-10-2018View
PFZ-OSF Meeting - 201804-10-2018 to 05-10-2018View
Hindi Diwas celebration - 201801-09-2018 to 14-09-2018View
Indian Ocean Wide Tsunami Excercise (IOWave-2018)04-09-2018 to 05-09-2018View
Independence Day - 201815-08-2018 View
National SOP Workshop10-08-2018 View
Hon'ble Vice President Visit at INCOIS13-07-2018 View
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan - 2018

02-07-2018_ing      02-07-2018     03-07-2018       04-07-2018
05-07-2018            05-07-2018_G5     

Swachh Bharat at Zilla Parishad School Near Pragathi Nagar Gram Panchayat


Swachh Bharat Tree Plantation - 2018

09-07-2018       10-07-2018       11-07-2018       12-07-2018
02-07-2018  to   12-07-2018---
Intrasessional Tsunami Cultural Event, 201830-06-2018 View
International Yoga Day on June 2018 celebrated with the programme of Asanas and breathing Excercise as per MInistry Of Ayush Protocol led by Yoga Chaithanya Trust (Affiliated to Andhra University).21-06-2018 View
Lecture on the topic "Plastic Pollution and our Life" by Dr.D.D.Ozha, Senior Scientist and member of Hindi Advisory Committee 05-06-2018 View
Inaguration of Marine Meterological Atlas(MeMeAt) 24-04-2018 View
Dr.Sunita H. Khurana_redressal of complaints from women under Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act -2013 13-04-2018 View
19th Foundation Day 2018 02-02-2018 to 03-02-2018View
Republic Day Celebrations 26-01-2018View
Tsunami Mock Drill24-11-2017View
2 nd World Tsunami Awareness Day 05-11-2017View
Swachhata Hi Sewa - Swachhta Pledge,Tree plantation,Shramdan (voluntary cleaning) 22-09-2017View
Swachhta Hi Sewa Rally19-09-2017View/Download
Visit of -68 CISF officers10-08-2017View
MoES Foundation Day-201727-07-2017View
International Yoga Day 201720-06-2017View
General Awareness / Sensitization Program on redressal of complaints from women at work place by Prof. N. Vasanthi, Professor, NALSAR University of Law held on April 20, 201720-04-2017View
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan-2017

16-06-2017      17-06-2017     19-06-2017       20-06-2017
21-06-2017      22-06-2017     23-06-2017     27-06-2017
28-06-2017     29-06-2017     30-06-2017

Swachh Bharat at Zilla Parishad School Near Pragathi Nagar Gram Panchayat

24-06-2017(Before)      24-06-2017(After)     
16-06-2017 to 30-06-2017---
Fire Mock Drill 17-04-2017View
OSF Lab Inauguratioin 03-03-2017View
1st tsunami awareness day 05-11-2016View
Inaguration of RSSFeed by Secretary Moes23-08-2016View
Tsunami Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Workshop02-08-2016View
SARAT Launch at NewDelhi27-07-2016View
Open Day programme - 10th Foundation Day of MoES27-07-2016View
International Yoga Day on June 21, 201620-06-2016  to  21-06-2016View
17th Foundation Day 201603-02-2016View
Bhoomi Puja & Laying of Foundation Stone for ITCOO Buildings04-01-2016    View
70 Years Commemoration of the 1945 Makran Tsunami28-11-2015    View
National Hindi Scientific Seminar28-09-2015  to  29-09-2015View
Tsunami Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Workshop26-08-2015View
Inauguration of Phase-II buildings21-08-2015View
Independence Day Celebrations15-08-2015View
Visit of Dr K Radhakrishnan, Former Chairman, Space Commission to INCOIS 27-04-2015View
5thUser Interaction03-03-2015View
Visit of Japan delegation JAMSTEC 201527-02-2015View
16th Foundation Day 201503-02-2015View
Republic Day26-01-2015View
Inauguration of INCOIS Residential Complex26-12-2014View
INCOIS (MoES) Open Day27-07-2014View
15th Foundation Day 201403-02-2014View