ESSO - Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

(An Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India)
Home Organisation Immovable Properties of Group A Officers

Immovable Properties

S.No.Employee CodeNameDesignation
1003Dr. T. Srinivasa KumarDirector
2002Dr.T. M.Balakrishnan Nair Scientist 'G'
3007Dr Sudheer JosephScientist 'G'
4008Dr.T V S Uday Bhaskar Scientist 'G'
5009Mr. E Pattabhi Rama RaoScientist 'G'
6011Mr. M Nagaraja KumarScientist 'F'
7012Mr. Nageshwara RaoManager (Accounts and Finance)
8014Mr. V. SubrahmanyamJoint Manager (Personnel & General Administration)
9015Mr. K. VaradarajanScientific Assistant B
10017Dr.P A Francis Scientist 'F'
11018Dr.S K. Hasibur Rahman Scientist 'F'
12019Ms.K G Sandhya Scientist 'E'
13020Mr. K. AnnapurnaiahScientist 'E'
14021Mr. R S. MahendraScientist 'E'
15022Mr. Ch Patanjali KumarScientist 'E'
16023Mr Venkat Seshu ReddemScientist 'E'
17024Dr. Aneesh A LotlikerScientist 'E'
18025Mr. V Venugopal RaoScientist 'E'
19026Mr. Ashutosh Kumar MishraScientific Assistant B
20027Mr. Syed Mahaboob MoinudeenScientific Assistant 'B'
21028Mrs. N.NagaswethaScientific Assistant 'B'
22029Ms. Rakhi KumariScientific Assistant B
23030Mr. T.V RajeshScientific Assistant 'B'
24031Mr. Rohit MishraScientific Assistant 'B'
25032Mr. R.V. GiridharAssistant Manager
26034Ms. K. SuhasiniAssistant Manager
27035Mr. Dasari PrasadAssistant Manager
28036Mr. Sidhartha SahooScientific Assistant 'B'
29037Mr. H. Nagoji RaoSenior Executive
30039Mr. K.RajeshScientific Assistant 'B'
31040Mr. Raju DevenderScientific Assistant 'B'
32041Mr. N.B.SubramanyamScientific Assistant 'B'
33042Mr. P.Srikrishna ChaitanyaAssistant Manager
34044Mr. Jeyakumar ChellaiahScientific Assistant 'B'
35045Mr N. Kiran Kumar Scientist 'E'
36046Ms Vijaya SunandaScientist 'E'
37047Mr. A. Murali KrishnaScientist 'E'
38048Mrs. S.Niramala DeviScientific Assistant 'B'
39050Mr. Kaki RajeshScientific Assistant 'B'
40051Mr. Vivekananda SwamyScientific Assistant 'B'
41052Mr Vijay GScientist 'E'
42053Mr J. PadmanabhamScientist 'E'
43055Mr. K.DineshScientific Assistant 'B'
44056Mr. T.RajashekarSenior Executive
45057Dr. Girishkumar M.SScientist 'E'
46058Dr. R. Hari KumarScientist 'E'
47059Mr. N.Srinivasa RaoScientist 'E'
48061Dr. Kunal ChakrabortyScientist 'E'
49063Dr. Arya PaulScientist 'E'
50064Mr. Arun NherakkolScientist 'D'
51065Mr.S P VighneshwarScientist 'D'
52066Mr.S.ShivaprasadScientist 'D'
53067Mr.V P ThangaprakshScientist 'D'
54068Mr. B. Praveen KumarScientist 'E'
55069Dr. Abhisek ChatterjeeScientist 'E'
56070Mr. P. VijayScientist 'D'
57071Mr. U. SrinivasuScientist 'D'
58072Mr. Dipankar SaikiaScientist 'D'
59074Dr. P.G. RemyaScientist 'D'
60075Mr. B. Ajay KumarScientist 'D'
61076Mr. N.Suresh KumarScientist 'E'
62077Mr. RUVN SatishScientific Assistant 'A'
63078Mr. Devendra KumarJoint Manager (Purchase and Stores)
64079Mrs. Prerna SinghScientist 'D'
65080Mr. Biswamoy PaulScientist 'D'
66081Mr. Alakes Samantha Scientist 'D'
67082Mr. Santhosh KumarSenior Executive
68083Mr. B. ThirumalScientific Assistant 'A'