ESSO - Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

(An Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India)

Data Management

The Argo Data Management System, as finalized by the International Argo Science Team (IAST) and its Data Management Group, is configured around three levels of Data Centres viz.

  1. National Data Centres in each of the country which is deploying Argo floats and receive the data from Argos and forward the processed data to GTS / Global data center.
  2. Regional Data Centres at selected locations for addressing each basin (Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, Southern Oceans). The primary objective of this Data center is to do Delayed mode quality control.
  3. Global Data Centres located in France and USA. The Argo data goes through two levels of quality control (QC).
  4. The first level of quality check is done in real-time to remove spurious signals, spikes etc. for which 20 checks have been identified by the Argo Data Management Team. The second level of quality check is done in delayed mode by the scientific community for each basin.

The data from the Argo float will initially reach National Argo Data Centre (NADC). After the real-time quality check, this data will be sent to Global Argo Data Centre (GADC) and in GTS in near real-time (within 24 hours). GADC receive all the data and send to Regional Argo Data Centre (RADC) for Delayed mode quality control.