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(An Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India)
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Goals & Objectives

The Long term goal of SIBER is to understand the role of the Indian Ocean in global biogeochemical cycles and the interaction between these cycles and marine ecosystem dynamics. This understanding will be required in order to predict the impacts of climate change, eutrophication and harvesting on the global oceans and the Earth System and it is fundamental to policy makers in the development of management strategies for the Indian Ocean. To address this goal, emphasis will be given to the analysis required to predict and evaluate the impacts of physical and anthropogenic forcing on biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem dynamics in the Indian Ocean. SIBER will leverage the sampling and monitoring activities of several coastal and open-ocean observing systems that are being planned and deployed in the Indian Ocean and it will provide the basin-wide scientific coordination and communication required to predict Indian Ocean biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem dynamics in the context of climate change and other anthropogenic influences.