ESSO - Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

(An Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India)
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Participating Institutions

S. No. Participating Organization/Group Contribution/Responsibility
1. MoES, New Delhi[Ministry of Earth Science] Constituting Scientific Steering Committee of the CTCZ program, Inter-Ministerial Board and various committees for CTCZ implementation.
Getting help and cooperation from different ministries
Facilitating the full participation of organizations under MoES
Funding of different projects recommended by the CTCZ -SSC Support to the Program Office
2. IMD, New Delhi[Ministry of Earth Sciences] Facilitating Field Phase Program Office
Participation of all of their observing systems (including lightening detection, soil moisture, aerosols) and carrying out advisories during IOPs.
Facilitating meetings of the Large Scale Operational office at New Delhi and Pune. Provision of final quality control data from their observing systems to the Data Management Group (AWS, ARG, DWR, upper air, satellite, model forecasts).
Facilitating the collection of upper air data from 2 MoES ships Contributions to research and modeling components
3. Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune[Ministry of Earth Sciences] Coordination of CAIPEEX activities with CTCZ and provide CAIPEEX cloud physics aircraft for CTCZ investigation.
Its upper air and radar data also useful for CTCZ.
Providing radiosondes for observations at two land stations (IIT Kharagpur & Mahanadi basin/BIT)
Observations of CCN during the field phase
Modeling and data assimilation research
Contribution to ABL and aerosol components
Participation of their Scientists in different sub-programs of CTCZ by taking intensive observations from Pune & Delhi.
4. NCMRWF, Noida[Ministry of Earth Sciences] Providing 5-day advance forecast Data assimilation and reanalysis products using UMMET Office global and regional models. Also generating reanalysis from SARR model.
Land-Surface & data assimilation modeling studies.
5. INCOIS, Hyderabad[Ministry of Earth Sciences] Coordination of Ocean observing systems (including Indian buoys, RAMA arrays, ARGO floats, etc.) and ocean data collection.
Housing and managing CTCZ data centre
Deployment of gliders and remote sensing data.
Installing and maintaining AWS on research ships
Participation in research and modeling.
Facilitate links with INDOMOD projects
6. NCAOR, Goa[Ministry of Earth Sciences] Providing Research vessel ORV Sagar Kanya along with operation of onboard instruments for Ocean observations.
Logistics support at ports
Participation in cruises and research.
7. NIOT Chennai [Ministry of Earth Sciences] To provide R V Sagar Nidhi for ocean measurements Maintain Met-ocean Buoys.
Logistics support at ports
8. NRSC, Hyderabad[Department of Space] Implementation of land surface component (Hydrology, vegetation etc.) of the CTCZ program with observations, data analysis and modeling.
Providing various satellite derived products for the land surface including LULC data for the Indian region, radarsat water logged areas, soil moisture, land vegetation cover.
Flux towers data in CTCZ area.
Observing and modeling 2 water sheds (Mahanadi/ Vaitarani/ Brahmini)
9. SPL, Thiruvananthapuram[Department of Space] Management of Aerosol component of CTCZ Strengthening the network by new stations at Gorakhpur, Agra, Patna, and Kharagpur.
Participation/contributing to in aircraft mission for aerosol in collaboration with CAIPEEX
Shipboard measurements of aerosols and related black carbon parameters.
10. SAC, Ahmedabad[Department of Space] Provision of US / European satellite data on ocean-atmospheric parameters like SST, SSM/I, TRMM rainfall, CALIPSO data.
Participation in modeling and diagnostic research
Participation in CTCZ cruises and Meghatropique, OCEANSAT-2 data validation
11. NARL, Gadanki[Department of Space] To provide data from their in situ observational systems at Gadanki.
Take part in Aerosol campaign.
12. PRL, Ahmadabad[Autonomous, Department of Space] To provide observations from their Lidars on aerosol and ozone profiles.
Surface ozone, radiation and other trace gas measurement at Ahmadabad and Mount Abu.
Aerosol optical depths, shortwave and long wave fluxes, aerosol mass, black carbon mass, aerosol scattering coefficients and ultrafine particles using condensation particle counter composition data.
Aerosol chemistry (rain water sampling from land and ship)
Participation in ship cruises, aerosols and chemistry
13. Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun[Department of Space] Hydrology observations and modeling
14. IISc, Bangalore[Ministry of HRD] Hosting CTCZ Programme Office Coordinating the CTCZ activities
Organization of cloud system sub-program
Managing atmospheric observations from one research ship in Bay of Bengal.
Diagnostic and prognostic research
Ocean - atmosphere, land-atmosphere-hydrosphere and cloud system modeling, etc.
Organizing boundary layer studies on land and over ocean
CTCZ ABL data analysis, flux algorithms and modeling
Flow distortion corrected flux data from ship
15. IIT, Delhi[Ministry of HRD] Mesoscale modeling and data assimilation
Diagnostic observational research on large scale component
Modeling and research on ABL processes
Cloud-aerosol modeling
16. IIT, Kharagpur[Ministry of HRD] Operation of ABL tower and AWS network Operation of Vaisala R S system during IOPs in collaboration with IITM.
Diagnostic and prognostic research.
Surface flux algorithms & modeling studies
17. NIO, Goa[Council of Scientific and Industrial Research] Management of ocean program and one research ship for the same.
Managing Field operation centre for ocean component.
Modeling and diagnostic research on ocean atmospheric interaction.
18. BIT, Ranchi[Deemed University] Boundary layer measurements using 30 m high tower.
Launching Pisharoty radiosondes
Research on surface fluxes and ABL
19. University of Pune, Pune Ice Nuclei Measurements (Condensation-Freezing and Deposition) daily surface observations at Pune.
Aircraft observation as a part of CAIPEEX program
Measurements/data analysis related to boundary layer tower data (fast and slow).
Cloud system studies
20. Indian Air Force Met Branch[Ministry of Defense] Participation in various committees
Provision of final quality control data from their observing systems to the Data Management Centre.
21. DNOM, Indian Navy, new Delhi[Ministry of Defense] Organization of RS/RW, AWS data from their coastal and on-board naval ships.
Participation in large scale and ocean component research
Participation in Field Operation Office at IMD Delhi.
22. Anand Agricultural University, Anand[State Agricultural University] Maintenance of ABL tower and participation in ABL sub-program, Research on ABL Aerosol and trace gas measurements in crop environment.
23. Central Water Commission, New Delhi[Ministry of Water Resources] Coordination with respect to Hydrological measurements in selected river basins.
24. National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee[Ministry of Water Resources] To participate in Hydrology component being coordinated by Dr. Dadhwal, Dehradun.
25. ARIES, Nainital[Ministry of Science & Technology] To participate in aerosol and atmospheric chemistry measurements
26. Universities (Andhra, BHU, Cochin, Calcutta,) CTCZ research, deputation of research scholars for participation in Field Phase and Training etc.