ESSO - Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

(An Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India)


To understand the evolving state of the upper ocean thermal structure in the Northern Indian Ocean, ESSO-INCOIS supports the XBT transects program continuously. XBT provides upper ocean temperature profiles up to 760 m along selected shipping lanes in the seas around India at bimonthly intervals. The major XBT transects are Mumbai - Mauritius, Chennai - Port Blair, Port Blair - Kolkata, Chennai - Singapore, and Kochi - Lakshadweep. The data from this system transfer to ESSO-INCOIS and made available to the public in user friendly data format. Total of 257 XBT profiles and 92 XCTD profiles pertaining to Indian Ocean were archived at ESSO-INCOIS in the past one year.